We undertake our primary movement support work through our Social Justice LAB for Strategy, Learning and Action. In this LAB, we work with movements advancing the strategic goals of:

Economic Justice;
Ecological Justice; and
Deepening Democracy


We work to advance people-driven, and people-centred development to achieve universal well-being through a deep, just transition to a zero carbon economy. We support movements that collectively seek to achieve the following outcomes: 

a)  People-driven democratisation of economic development based on the principles of cooperation, solidarity, sustainable livelihoods, work for the common good, regenerative circular economies, universal human rights and universal access to decent living standards.

b) Transformation of gender relations through a radical feminist approach to ecological and economic justice;

c) Basic needs to achieve universal access to a core basket of human capabilities and these provided as quality public goods and services – in particular education, health, transport, communication, development infrastructure, a universal basic income grant, decent social security and sustainable public employment schemes;

d) Reclaiming the commons from below; and

e) Socially owned renewable energy; and

f) Food justice based on land and agrarian reform, food sovereignty, agroecology and democratised food system value chains.

Graphically, our economic and ecological justice framework is represented as follows:


We promote radical, deep and direct democracy. We partner with and support movements that seek to achieve the following:

a) Fix Our Municipalities – reclaim municipalities from below;

b) Rural democracy – to protect the rights of women, youth, LGBTQIA+ people and other vulnerable groups under the nub of unaccountable tribal chiefly elites and the unjust laws that perpetuate the oppressive legal framework inherited from colonial and apartheid eras;

c) Transformative constitutionalism from below – defence of rights and equality, substantial progress in advancing socio-economic rights, testing the transformative limits of the Constitution and laying the ground for progressive amendments of the Constitution

d) Political reforms that deepen democracy – through:

i. Deepening electoral reform focusing on enabling any member of society to exercise their democratic rights to stand for election into public office without any unfair and unjust hindrance

ii. Fighting for and winning the right, ability and power of the public to petition for legislative proposals;

iii. Fighting for and winning the right of the public to recall elected representatives;

iv. Promoting the strategy and power of the public to undertake social audits of the work of government and the legislative assemblies; and

v. Deepening meaningful and substantive public participation in legislative and governance affairs from the perspective of radical direct democracy.


These programme pillars are the most strategic for realising our vision of people-driven transformative justice. Beyond these programmes, we also undertake strategic initiatives in response to the complex and unfolding critical political and socio-economic context (e.g. the crisis of democracy, racism, nation-building, xenophobia, social unrest, activist killings, international solidarity, and fundraising for social justice).